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SwiftInstagram is a wrapper for the Instagram API written in Swift. It allows you to authenticate users and request data from Instagram effortlessly.


  • [x] Effortless and straightforward use.
  • [x] Up-to-date with the latest Instagram API features.
  • [x] Secure access token storing, thanks to keychain-swift.
  • [x] Client-Side authentication.
  • [x] 100% documented code.
  • [x] Use of Swift 4 Decodable.
  • [x] Up-to-date with the latest Apple technologies (Swift 4, Xcode 9, etc).

Upcoming features


  • iOS 9.0+
  • Xcode 9.0+


I’ve prepared a wiki page where you can find tons of useful things.


If you have feature requests or bug reports, feel free to help out by sending pull requests or by creating new issues. Please take a moment to review the CONTRIBUTING guidelines.


SwiftInstagram is brought to you by Ander Goig and contributors to the project. If you’re using SwiftInstagram in your project, attribution would be very appreciated.

Companion libraries

SwiftInstagram uses keychain-swift by @evgenyneu to safely store the access token retrieved by the authentication process.


SwiftInstagram is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


Ander Goig, goig.ander@gmail.com